Release date: 2017

Although having been active for some years, this is the first release by Azul Loose Ties. It's a personal introduction: three tracks recorded in one-takes, giving an insight into his work. The blend of soulful, rhythmic house music all programmed on old drummachines and synthesizers aims to capture the vibe from the studio sessions. Being also a dancer, Azul Loose Ties seeks the balance between movement and rest, switching between looseness and control.

Underground Soul is a record label founded in 2016 by 'hommes du monde' and Azul Loose Ties. The focus of the label is to release hardware house music with a personal signature, an insight into the artist's soul.

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Release date: 1. September 2016

We from hdm proudly announce the first ever Delakeyz EP on vinyl. Finally, am I right? The man known for his playful grooves, crafts house music like it should be - full of energy with sprinkles of fun. After releasing two digital albums on Bandcamp, we thought it is time to give his music the medium it deserves: Vinyl. You're very welcome by the way.

On this EP you'll find two brand new Delakeyz tracks on top of the four re-edited and remastered ones from his Organic & Groove EP. All tracks are curated by the Zurich based label homme du monde and fully analog mastered in berlin.
Delakeyz is best friend to one of Switzerland’s most known and creative beat producers Melodiesinfonie. He is among others influenced by Jazz and Hip-Hop and blessed with a good eye and hand for house and disco music.

We as hdm are very proud about this album. In a world where music is available to anyone instantly, despite of the quality, vinyl gives us something we can hold in hand, something you as the listener of this album own. Because of this support the artists you love, support your local record stores and talk about the music you like. As we do ourselves.

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