Azul Loose Ties

Azul is the individual, Loose Ties the family.
The interest in rhythm and simplicity, programming organic structures with soulless machines reflects his main concern. After a decade of patient exploring, he releases his first record, convinced that it truly represents his spirit. Music is intrinsically linked to life. In his case that means, working in architecture on one hand, where accuracy and structure are fundamental and being a dancer on the other hand, where emotions get physical and the body becomes the leader.
This mind and body confrontation / connection is mirrored in Azul's music, where structure and the desire to let loose are in continuous dialogue.


With his decision to produce groovy house, in a short time the hard-working musician started playing through Zurichs music scene and beyond, he enthuse the crowd with his spirited live performance. Delakeyz is a young music producer who loves to share his love with the world. He is among others influenced by Jazz and Hip-Hop and blessed with a good eye and hand for house and disco music. You can say, that Delakeyz brought the playfulness back to house music these days and relieve it from the bonds.

As rarely seen nowadays, he plays his sets live, always unique, jamming and dancing with his fingers over his samplers and synthesizers.
Delakeys grew up with jazz, funk and soul, which can clearly be heard in his catchy melodies. With his music he wants to spread positive vibes and reate an atmosphere of happiness, peace and joy.

In his portfolio there are already two EPs, which elate people all over the world. With Dancin Kid the third Delakeyz EP will be released. This time on vinyl and with tracks like Snapositive or In The Sun!